How It Works

SeekingJesse is an email matching program. The idea is that it helps mutual secret admirers make a love connection. Ok so how does it work? Say for instance John secretly admires Mary. He has Mary's email address and he knows she has his, or knows she can get it.. So John comes to SeekingJesse, puts his email and her email plus a secret message into the SeekingJesse program. The secret message says..

      I can't stop thinking about you mary.. Lets go out!

The program then send Mary an annonymous email that looks something like this.

      To     :
      From   :
      Subject: Mary, you have a Secret Admirer..


      Someone obviously thinks you are very special because they came to and sent you this. Secretly of course.. The person who
      sent you this is probably someone you know that has your email address,
      but that's the only clue you have. This person could be a friend, someone
      you work or go to school with. Maybe it's someone from your past who  
      can't forget you and dreams about you at night. Whoever it is, someone
      is thinking about you..                                               

      You may never find out who it is that sent you this, but one thing's  
      for sure. You will never know unless you try. The only way to do that 
      is to come to the site and try SeekingJesse for yourself. SeekingJesse  
      is a program that matches email addresses to each other.
      Everything will be explained on the site. It's quick, easy and free.
      No signup required.                                                   

      P.S. Replying to this email won't work. You have to come to         to find out     

Notice the secret message was not sent. No information is given to Mary about who has the hots for her. The only thing Mary can do is to come to SeekingJesse herself and do exactly as John did. So Mary puts in her email address and John's email address plus a secret message that says..

      John, I hope it is you that sent me this. Call me! 555-1234

At this point there is a match because both John and Mary put in each others email address. SeekingJesse then emails both of them each others secret message. But if Mary had put in say Bob's email address, there would be no match and no private messages would be exchanged except that Bob now would get the same annonymous email Mary got from the SeekingJesse program. Mary would still have no clue that John is her Secret Admirer.

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